THE HOUSE BABA BUILT: An Artist's Childhood in China,by Ed Young. Little, Brown, 2011. Text as told to Libby Koponen.
Favorably reviewed in the New York Times.
Parents Choice Gold Award for non-fiction.
Starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booklist, and School Library Journal.

WINNING MORE BUSINESS IN FINANCIAL SERVICES: How to Score Big with Referrals and Networking, by Michael Salmon. McGraw Hill, 2012.

Coach-extraordinaire Michael Salmon teaches others how to make the most of their contacts, without embarrassing themselves or making the other people feel uncomfortable.

"Libby Koponen, thank you for bringing my ideas to life and pushing me to greater heights, resulting in my best work to date," from the author's Acknowledgements.

EGO LIBRIUM: The Nine Behaviors of the Balanced Leader, Ron Roberts (McGraw-Hill, January 2012).Psychologist and corporate guru Ron Roberts shows leaders how to get control of their own egos and learn to think of others. Transformation takes place incrementally through small changes in daily behavior and simple exercises.

Ron and Libby worked together on the book proposal; McGraw-Hill offered a contract within three weeks of seeing it.  Ron wrote the book in six months, even though he was working full-time, and attributes this to Libby's editing and help.

MOVE TO GREATNESS, Ginny Whitelaw (Nicholas Brealey, 2008).

"Could lead to dancing..."
by Anonymous

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Former NASA manager Ginny Whitelaw puts readers in touch with their four basic energies and shows them how to use each to maximize effectiveness, personally and professionally. Four years after publication, it's still making "best of" lists and has acquired an almost-cult following.

Libby and Ginny worked on this project from the initial idea on through the outline, book proposal, and (once the proposal was bought by Nicholas Brealey) edited final ms.

CHINA, HEART AND SOUL, Steve Koss (iUniverse, 2009)
"Steve Koss has an eye for visual details, an ear for local Chinese dialect, and a passion for the truth. My countrymen and women come to life in his memoir."
--Anchee Min, author of Becoming Madam Mao and Red Azaela

FLYING LESSONS, Gregg Steinberg (Thomas Nelson, 2007)
Libby assisted with the proposal for this book. On the basis of the proposal, publisher Thomas Nelson gave the author a contract for the book.

MASTERING THE CONFLICT GAME, Ghislaine Guerard (CHRCS, Canada, 2006)

"Insightful, fun and full of practical wisdom. Ghislaine Guerard's no-nonsense apporach to successfully dealing with conflict is inspiring! Use her method as a guide and become more successful in dealing with work's day-to-day challenges." Mark Fulton, The Internal Group, Ottawa

LAB DYNAMICS, Cohen & Cohen (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2005)

Carl and Suzanne Cohen teach scientists how to get along with each other, bosses, staff. Libby and Carl worked together on the proposal. By the time the book was accepted by a publisher, Carl had learned enough about writing to do the book on his own.

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended for scientists in academiaJuly 5, 2009
"The authors have described the academic environment in sciences dead on -- I believe they must have observed my department in their research for the book! They provide very basic and very concrete tactics for dealing with major interpersonal dysfunction. The reviewer who said their tactics would never work does not understand the depths of the dearth of EQ in scientific academia. If everyone in my department would practice just one of their techniques, the faculty might be able to sort out some of the fights that paralyze department advancement, and grad student productivity would fly through the roof because they could focus on becoming scientists rather than exhausting themselves just trying to survive the daily beatings. As it is, I myself have been begun to apply what I've learned in this book to turn my academic job from unrelenting misery into a life lesson in dealing with difficult people and being a good leader myself. I *highly* recommend this book to anyone who wants to increase productivity in their lab or learn how to deal with a difficult advisor."

SMART PARENTING: How to Raise Happy, Can-Do Kids, Dr.Brad Smart and Dr. Kate Smart Mursau.
"This superb book gives you the right formula to empower your kids from the start and raise them up to be bright, resourceful, happy adults and truly let them fly."
-- Dr. Steven R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People