Novel and life

Libby Koponen has wanted to be an author ever since she can remember. She started writing stories when she was six; her first sale was a short story to Redbook.

But many years passed before Little, Brown accepted her novel, Blow Out the Moon. During those years she:

  • wrote for the high tech industry, including for Steve Jobs at NeXT, the company he founded when he left Apple 
  • wrote articles and designed tests to see how people read those articles on the Fidelity Investments Web site
  • taught writing to college students at the Rhode Island School of Design and the Harvard Summer School, and to adults from eighteen to seventies at Cupertino Community College in California
  • travelled to every country she'd always wanted to visit except Kenya
Since leaving Fidelity, Libby has been a writer, ghostwriter, and developmental editor. She takes both pride and pleasure in helping other writers focus their ideas, find their voices, and finish their books.

Recent projects include THE HOUSE BABA BUILT (Little, Brown, 2011) and THE WELL BALANCED LEADER (McGraw-Hill, 2012).  

A complete list of Libby's work, including ghostwritten books, is available on request.